About TEM

TEM is competing with compelling product quality and value-added service. Emerging from a strong, high quality product background from ExxonMobil biodiesel, we are also equipped with excellent service procedures.

The core of our business lies in our excellent biodiesel that is curated to achieve a cleaner and efficient source of energy. Our top quality of biodiesel blend fuels, like B-35, is determined by three things namely quality of diesel oil, blending method, storage specs and handling.

Mobil Diesel Oil B35
Product Benefit

TEM constantly strives to provide the best fuel according to your needs. Our B35 contains higher cetane numbers than the government standard that gives an efficient, economical, and optimal experience for you and your machine.

Equipped with the very best, the quality of our biodiesel blend fuels is determined by three most important things: Quality of Diesel Oil, Blending method, Storage specification, and handling.

Quality of Diesel Oil

TEM’s Mobil Diesel Fuel has the essential qualities that define our excellence: sulphur content, fuel density, better fuel appearance and cetane number. Diesel fuel with low sulphur content directly reduces sulphur-containing vehicle emissions, such as sulphur dioxide, in the atmosphere. A higher cetane number could introduce faster combustion, decreasing fatigue of the engine, thus lowering the number of PM frequency.

Blending Method

Among the three commonly utilized blending methods, in-line blending is a more accurate blending method than others. This method is what we used in our terminal at the moment. This type of blending occurs at a fuel rack, where dedicated blending equipment delivers a metered amount of fuel. This type of blending is a controlled, continuous process, mixing two or more components during the pumping/delivery process. In-line blending occurs at a fuel rack, where dedicated blending equipment delivers a metered amount of fuel. It offers some significant benefits when the requirement for high-quality blended products is a goal.

This technique offers tremendous benefits such as:


Storage and Handling
TEM selects the best materials to store the fuels by using tanks made out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum to provide customers with the assurance of supply continuity and security. We own permanent fuel storage infrastructures in Samarinda, Banjarmasin, and Balikpapan with up to 115.000 KL capacity. Our facilities and operational excellence can guarantee supply continuity and security. TEM is also equipped with a Vendor Held Stock (VHS) system, where TEM makes sure the goods are well delivered and well maintained. To ensure that the product is delivered to the highest standard, TEM and its affiliates collaborate and synergize to provide multi-mode and multi-range services and solutions, ranging from vessels to truck utilizations.