Your Reliable Partner
in Emerging Energy Solutions

Triputra Energi Megatara (TEM) is an energy trading company in Indonesia that provides energy solutions with the best quality and competitive prices for customers in the industry.

Operating under the auspices of the Triputra Group, TEM has been trusted by ExxonMobil to distribute diesel oil for vehicles to Kalimantan and other parts of eastern Indonesia since 2018. As a company that continues to grow, we plan to expand our service coverage so that it can enter all areas of business in all corners of Indonesia as well as developing.


To make TEM a leading supplier of energy and services to business segments across Indonesia by providing more and cleaner energy solution

Triputra DNA

Our work is underpinned with a set of core values:


Integrity & Ethics

To live a life in honesty and transparency

Key behaviors:

Walk the talk

No blaming

Do what you required to do, not what you want to do

Operate based on data



To give more than expected under any circumstances

Key behaviors:

Never give up and play to win

Discipline in execution, continuous improvement, and innovation



To give humanity a nobler cause than one’s own

Key behaviors:

Care with truthful act

Nurture for greater good



To be a person with humility, openness, and in constant improvement

Key behaviors:

Unselfish and open-minded

Express gratitude and appreciations

Values TEM



We believe the best way to radiate our energy is through a positive attitude given to our partners. Regardless of the obstacles and hardship that may come, we strive to keep on providing the best solution in a gentle and amiable manner



As we are aware that our product plays a big part in any sort of company business, we are committed to be fully competent and liable in our work. Our clients’ trust and satisfaction are our top priority


Team Work

TEM considers good teamwork as one of the fundamental factors behind a high quality service, as being in a solid and capable team will advance us even further



Board of Directors

Gunardi H. Atmodjo


Juan Davis​


Oky Heryanto

GM Commercial

Eric Hartanuh

GM Buss Development

Ariadi Sukamto

GM Opr & S. Chain

Silvy Ono

GM Financial Services

Eric Hartanuh

GM Buss Development

Ariadi Sukamto

GM Opr & S. Chain

Silvy Ono

GM Financial Services