We believe that all colleagues and personnel are the keys behind our success. Each of our personnel is equipped with a 5R (Brief, Neat, Clean, Careful, and Diligent) work culture that is disciplined to provide the best service for our colleagues and partners. TEM believes that we will always be responsible and able to provide optimal performance in our every move.

Employee Stories

At TEM, each of our personnels are special in their own way. Every story and journey holds the power to learn, to inspire, and to change for success. The story of our growth is unique and deserves a platform to be heard, as we believe growth is the key to obtaining our success objective. These are some of our stories


We place the highest value on each and every single one of our employees. Together with us, we are looking forward to bringing new potentials to new heights while committing best contributions to the company. Come and apply to join TEM today!

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